Welcome to the Michigan Zombie Run What is the Michigan Zombie Run? Simply put it is an AWESOME Blast!!! The Michigan Zombie Run is a 5K Mud and obstacle course through a densely wooded course full of ZOMBIES located at 11293 Block Rd. Birch Run, Mi! Remaining 2014 dates are July 19th and August 9th! If you’re a sissy and want to run on streets or nicely defined paths and not get dirty or challenged this is NOT the race for you!! All Momma’s boys and daddy’s little princesses STAY HOME!! After all this is MICHIGAN we are all about the outdoors. IF YOU HAVE GUTS AND COURAGE READ ON!! This course is extreme and while there are areas of the course with some well-defined paths carved out through the woods there are other areas with little to no path through the thick woods. These areas can be thick so thick you may even get scratched by trees and brush or possibly even trip on some roots oh my!!! Are you man or woman enough to go through it? The course will be comprised of trails, obstacles (both man-made and natural), mud, and some water. DO NOT SAY WE DIDN’T WARN YOU! Our zombies lurk in the woods they do not run around out in the open on a street like some other boring races! They will be hiding and jumping out at you from the woods and chasing you through the woods, if you can’t handle that, STAY HOME and enter some wimpy race that calls itself challenging! This race is not for the weak!! It is a very realistic ZOMBIE Experience!! We supply the bug spray, vital organs, zombies, and the course. You supply the guts and courage! Are you up for it? If so use the link above or below to register or click the register link above, if not stay home since this is definitely a WIMP FREE ZONE!

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